A Horse on a Treadmill? Early Locomotives

I don’t know about your students, but mine love seeing the “other” versions of modern day technology. I just came across these early locomotives from the 1830s in the archive and thought they would be fun to share!

“The Flying Dutchman,” a Horse Power Locomotive, 1830. The horse walked on a treadmill! They were not kidding when they said horse powered.

The “Tom Thumb,” the first steam locomotive in America, reconstruction, built by Peter Cooper. Its first successful trip was made in 1830, from Baltimore to Ellicott Mills, Maryland.


“The Dewitt Clinton,” the early locomotive and coaches that initiated the New York Central System, 1831.


The “Daedalus” locomotive pulling a freight car, passenger carriage, and private carriage, 1832.


For more railroad images visit the Marchand Archive “Railroads” category.




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